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tv   Today  NBC  October 30, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it is thirsty thursday. october 29th. that's called "hold me up." hold me up, baby. >> just another saturday night. >> yeah, hold me up. >> big show today, we're going to catch up with academy award winner. we call her sandy because she's our pal. but sandra bullock. just about the sweetest thing and so talented.
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she's going to tell us all about that and the most important person in her life and how he has changed her. >> how's this for a throwback thursday concert? we have natalie merchant here. she performed earlier, the song "jealousy." let's just take one little listen. jealousy ooh ooh >> she's going to sing "wonder" for us. i was walking by her dressing just sitting in this tiny dressing room singing. it was like the security guard was listening. listen,ing, carson. it was beautiful. >> she's a beautiful musician. >> it's kind of a new spin on her album "tiger lily." you're going to love this one. >> we'll ask lu to help with a bunch of pesky problems around the house. and what we always do on thirsty thursday, ambush makeovers. >> all right, so, we have a cocktail, because halloween is tomorrow, by the way.
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it's saturday. >> we'll celebrate it tomorrow. >> are you excited about our costumes that we can't reveal until tomorrow? >> yes. we got a bunch of surprises tomorrow. things that you wouldn't even imagine. i would say historic in nature. >> i think you're right. i would have to agree. historic in nature. >> historical and hysterical. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah, both of those. here we go. we have something called a halloween smash cocktail. it's vodka, clementine juice and a little spooky garnish. they froze a fake spider into an ice cube. >> courtesy of maureen. boy, does she know her stuff. that's good, maureen. she has some treats for us a little later. the iced cubes have fake spiders. >> what? >> they do? >> does no one listen? i just sat here and said there was a spider in the ice cube. >> i thought you were talking about this.
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>> it is throwback thursday. we decided, we had so much fun when we debuted kathie lee's old clip from when she was on "days of our lives." remember that one? look. >> nurse callahan. >> nurse callahan. she was cassidy's age there. anyway, i like when you look sternly at the woman. >> well, she won't eat. >> she won't eat. >> you're like -- that face, right there. i've seen that face, by the way. i've seen that face in the makeup room. >> that is just a miracle i went on to have any kind of career. >> we went digging into the kathie lee gifford vault and we found another one. another throwback thursday. check this one out. if they could see me now out on a fun ship cruise eating fancy food and doing what you choose i'd like your friends back home to get a good look at the first great carnival cruise that you took i'm having such a ball this cruise is pow don't want to leave at all
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the you can believe it if your friends could see me now >> that's -- >> that wasn't that long ago, was it? >> when was that? >> i started working for carnival in 1984 and left in 2004. so 20 years. >> 20 years there? >> 20 years. and still -- >> look at you in that bikini. >> you can still find my stuff on those cruises, too. >> you and that bikini, what were you doing wearing that bikini? >> last time i did. all right, i'm not the only one who can throw it back. look at hoda in this picture anchoring from back in the day. oh, my. i first thought it was me. >> okay, here's an interesting thing. kathie lee has a throwback thursday and everyone applauds. i have a throwback thursday and everybody gasps in horror. that was like -- you could have heard a pin drop. that reaction was horrifying. oh, my gosh. >> where was that and when? >> in new orleans.
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i had just started there. [ applause ] >> no, i don't even want it. >> go, hoda. >> i had great shoulder pads and lots of -- i had a lot going on. we're going to play a game. >> we love this game. it's called make out, marry or move on. >> play along with us. >> three celebs. we'll assign one to each. here's the first one. >> okay. oh, god. >> ooh, who is -- oh, matthew mcconaughey, anthony perkins and jack nicholson. i mean, not in those pictures, but i would definitely -- i would marry -- i would make out with mcconaughey. >> which one are you going to marry? >> i'd have to marry norman bathe bates. i'd have to marry norman bates. saying good-bye to jack. what would you do? >> you're right. >> there's not many choices
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there. >> i wouldn't -- >> who do you marry? >> make out and marry matthew. >> you can't have two. >> forget the other two. no, no, no, no, no. >> okay, next. here's the next one. tom cruise. but as the vampire. >> oh, no. anthony hopkins, no. hannibal lecter. >> i guess i'd have to marry twilight, right? robert pattinson. >> the other two are terrifying. >> i'm going with make out and marry anthony -- >> you would? hannibal lecter? >> no, him, the man. >> as a person? >> i love him. love him. >> all right, tom. ryan reynolds. yeah. >> all of it. >> who else? >> fred quinn. >> fred quinn. "wolfman." got to go with the make out and the marry. >> you can't do that. >> i'm doing it. >> this say rules thing and you like following rules. you're going to marry ryan. who you making out with? >> i guess fred quinn.
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it would be funny. >> you're saying good-bye to beneso? >> yeah. >> i'd makeout with benecio. marrying reynolds and say bye-bye to fred quinn. she's back on the tube in a new police drama. it's called "shades of blue." it premieres on january 14th. >> right here on nbc. >> what is she playing? >> a charismatic mother in the midst of a tight-knit group of brooklyn detectives. >> i wonder if she cut her hair? remember how she cut it short? >> she can't look back. >> anyway, it's going to be a fun show. >> "elf." >> okay, this is -- we don't see these things lots of times before because we like to see it when you do. and sometimes we say what was that? so imagine if the munsters were autotuned. our sister cable station cozi-tv is kicking off a munsters marathon. it's going to be fun.
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noon. they've autotuned some episodes. >> this one was a great one. maryland." it's called "a man for marilyn." here's a sneak peek. >> listen to this, she just got back from the wedding and guess what, he drove her home. >> hi, marilyn. come in and bring your boyfriend. we'd love to have him for dinner. >> it's cute. that's cute. >> very cute. >> we are doing a unique i-hoda today. >> you were marilyn one time, too. we might have to show that next week. >> i looked like a drag queen. don't even show it. >> don't put them down, okay. they love our show and they love you, hoda. >> is the picture available? you can't tell there. when it's a closer shot. >> you know what though, you're
2:16 am
right. >> okay, so jill hennessey, you guys know her from "law and order" and she plays a lot of roles on tv and movies. she's also a singer. she came by the radio show one day and played this song called "i do." if you've been married for a long time and -- i like it. i think the phrase is something like "it ain't perfect but i do" or something along those lines. anyway, let's take a listen to jill hennessey's song. oh my oh my you still look pretty i still see the stars if we both should fall like children like sweet and bitter tea i love you it's not so simple but i do you know i love you it's not so simple
2:17 am
you know i love you is not so simple but i do >> yes! yes! okay. hi, jill. >> hello, baby. >> great to see you. >> this is a whole other side to her. nobody knows. >> hello, great to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> once you hear the words, all of them on there, it reminds everyone of their relationship. "our love ain't so simple, but i do." >> exactly. >> you write what you know, don't you? >> that's literally how i write all the time. it helps me get through so many life situations. >> where can everybody hear that and get that and purchase that and make you rich? >> thank you. yes. itunes, amazon, >> are you performing anywhere soon? >> we've got world cafe, philly, we're doing the light of day festival in asbury park. >> i love that you're so multitalented. >> thank you for coming. >> i'm so glad that resonated
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>> great to see you. coming up, oscar-winner sand da bullock is going to open up about the most important person in your life.ife. a bullock is going to open up about the most important person in your life. a bullock is going to open up about the most important person in your life. ra bullock is going to open
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she's one of the biggest stars in the world. if you've seen her movies, you know why. >> we're talking about miss congeniality herself, sandra bullock.
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>> we love her. in her new film, "our brand is crisis," the oscar winner dives into politics as a campaign strategist who has come out of retirement thirsty for a win against her rival. take a look. >> how are you, honey? so what are you doing here? i thought you retired or gave up or something. not retired. working. >> yeah, okay. >> you know, lending a hand. >> nice. >> you? >> same thing, yeah. just doing a favor. couldn't be better, you know, enjoying this dog and pony show? >> not one for crowds. >> people suck, don't they? >> yeah, sometimes. >> do you hate him or love him? >> it's a little -- it's both. and that's what's so complex and disturbing about it. you know he's going to kill you but you're okay with it. >> and you hadn't worked together before.
2:21 am
>> no, we'd met. we'd met and we can't remember why i was in his house. >> what are you talking about? >> well, have a glass wine with you and you're out. >> i don't recall alcohol. that doesn't mean there wasn't any consumed. >> was any consumed during that one scene when you were on the bus -- on the campaign bus and you dropped your drawers. >> yes, yes. you would think that -- >> it was a moon thing. >> as comfortable as i was. i was stone cold sober in puerto rico in 110-degree weather. >> so you were hot. >> i was airing some stuff out. that's what's -- it was just what was happening to me as sandra sort of coincided with what was needed on the scene. >> do you ever get embarrassed? >> you know what i'm embarrassed about, i have a problem being -- i'm very modest in real life. for some reason that day, i just kept whipping those pants off. i forgot everyone was on the bus. everyone was on the opposing bus. they were looking at that mess all day long.
2:22 am
didn't think, is this unattractive maybe to someone? are they feeling a little sick? is this bothersome? that never crossed my mind until the end of the day. >> wait until you hit menopause, honey, you're going to be fun. hot flashes like out the wazoo. >> you just drop a lot of trou when that happens? >> anything. i always -- i keep everything on and now kath has seen me. i can't even -- you shot some of this in new orleans too. >> we did. bolivia. two weeks in puerto rico. most of it in sweet new orleans. >> because of you. >> well, you know, actually, it was. don't want louis to be disrupted schoolwise. there's a school there we love. it's his hometown. if we can shoot there or another place. but that ended up being a great a lot of money. this is one of those little to make this movie. we have to tell the story. and -- >> you're also a producer of it, along with george clooney. a man. >> yes, it was.
2:23 am
thinking what? >> i didn't think for a second this was written for a man. i knew the voice. i knew those people. it made me sad what i was reading but it also inspired me by the end. i went, this is where i've sort of gotten if my life, where you realize you're so influenced by those people who are trying to sell you things. am i living my authentic life. am i brave enough to step out and let go of all the comforts for the greater good. like a lot of those questions were coming up. and it just was a beautiful story that i was, like, in my lifetime, i should like to tell something like this. >> how is that cute louis by the way? >> he's at home and he's not here and it's really hard. he's a beautiful soul. he's all dude but he's so beautiful. >> he's all dude. >> how has he changed you the most, would you say? >> i feel like -- i see life from his perspective. you have a childhood. like no matter what kind of childhood. people go, i didn't have the best. but you have a child and i go, guess what, this is the chance to have the childhood and be
2:24 am
and enjoy it. so he makes me do stuff that i never would do. and i just -- life becomes very important on a different level. choices, what i do. there's no fooling around. this is a game changer. life is short. i see the ticking clock. i'm like, it's so fast. so fast. >> he's adorable. there's another cute boy we keep seeing photographed with you. >> he's adorable. talking about. oh, he's -- >> what are you talking about? >> nothing. >> i said i wouldn't do it but hoda said we have to. stand it. all right. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> all right. okay. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> we'll get her next time, hoda. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> thanks for having me. sorry i couldn't consume alcohol with you guys. >> we're not drinking anything. >> yet. >> allegedly. >> "our brand is crisis." it hits theaters tomorrow. finger foods and cocktails for your halloween bash. >> these ladies want to party
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bizarre. >> two more days before people head to your house to collect some tricks or treats. man cannot survive on candy alone. >> so our "today" food team called in chef and our friend maureen for some snacks to feed your appetite. >> and your thirst. >> here's your cocktails again. halloween smash, it's got vodka, fresh squeezed clementine juice. those spider ice cubes, super cute. we're going the start with the perfect halloween treat. this is a meatball.
2:27 am
the flavors that are in here, fresh mint, hot sauce for a bite. i use pork but you can swap out turkey, you can use beef or lamb if you want. our chef's tip is to use the other white meat for a perfect scooped meatball. >> a little melon baller? >> no, an ice cream scoop. there you go. if you don't want to get your that. when you're cooking meatballs, you don't want to crowd the pan. >> why is that? >> because then they'll just steam. you won't get that nice caramelized brown flavor on the outside that you get. so give them space. >> okay, room to breathe. >> if you want a little time saver, you can use store bought or make yours ahead of time and freeze them. this is the fun part. we're making these into eyeballs. these are already cooked. you can see here we've got them scooped out a little bit. just using a paring knife or you can use a melon baller, if you have one.
2:28 am
save those for treats, is mots mozzarella, sliced in half. that goes on top there. then another little bit of olive. that gives us our eyeball. here we have it already made. i love to put these out just like this on a platter. >> that is adorable. >> this one is for you. if you don't like cheese, there's a radish. >> put that in your mouth? >> there you go. >> take this, too. nice little bite there. then our next thing is a crab dip. this is more of an adult party. if you don't like crab you can double the cheese and have a cheese dip. this gets transformed into something fun for halloween, too. we've got our cream cheese in there. then we'll add our nice flavorings. a little bit of lemon juice. a little bit of worcester. a little bit of hot sauce. we've got old bay seasoning for the crab. lots of flavor. then we put this on here. and you want to make sure that you mix it up. after you pulse it, you want to scrape it. >> they really want to get into
2:29 am
the good part. this is what it looks like but you have to make it into this darling little witch's hat. poppy seeds, a little ribbon.
2:30 am
it's thirsty thursday. despite a drizzly morning on the plaza, we found two lucky ladies who were waiting in the wings. we're ready to show you their ambush makeovers. >> after being plucked from the plaza they were treated to new hairstyles, some clothes and makeup, courtesy of our glam squad. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, come on, everybody -- louis licari, la, la, la >> hi, jill. >> good morning. good morning. >> how was it outside today? it was wet. >> it was just damp. >> a little, a little. >> we did well. we found two ladies that were so excited to be made over. we had a lot of fun in the back. i think it's great.
2:31 am
lucky lady. she's 64 years old from san luis luis, california. anniversary. she owns an insurance company with her husband and works from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. she said basically she just works and sleeps. her daughter amber pushed her to get a makeover. let's take a listen to her story. >> i know you're flipping out for mom. why do you want this for her so >> she doesn't make a lot of changes to her look and i feel like this could be fun and exciting for her. she's had the same haircut for a long time. >> and husband don was saying pick her, pick her. why? >> yes, i think she's going to look just like sandra bullock when she's done. >> she's actually here today so that works out. >> look-alike. >> excited? >> yes. >> all right. >> you can tell that's a family that really loves each other. that's so nice. don and kelly, please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. keep it on. don, don, i know how you are. here is sharon allen before.
2:32 am
new you. wow! wow. wow. all right, guys, are you ready? >> take off your blindfolds. >> who is that? >> oh, my god. >> sharon? >> yes. >> are you ready? >> gorgeous. >> spin right around. >> oh, my gosh. >> you are gorgeous. >> i'm not the same person. >> here, look, would you mind looking right at that camera so we can see you. >> tell us about it. >> yeah, i really admired and loved the way sandra bullock looked so i wanted to make it work for her. i made the haircut look much softer. it's more layered. i added these warm highlights on her brown hair because she's a great brunette and sometimes
2:33 am
>> she looks amazing. >> she looks like a movie star. >> that outfit. >> linda gray. very linda gray. >> yes. so pretty. >> faux fur is huge for fall. >> you want to pick up your phone, sweetheart? >> somebody loved it. >> we told a lot of relatives. >> very exciting moment. >> okay, so white house black market. and then the collection available at macy's. look at the roushing on the sleeves. great layering piece. j crew animal print shoes. >> darling, darling. >> excellent work. >> all right, our second lady is trudy dewy. >> trudy dewy. >> i love her. she's 60 from nampa, idaho. she has three children. has worked at walmart for the past 15 years. she's had two surgeries this year. this represents a fresh start for her. she recently turned 60 and says 60 is just the beginning.
2:34 am
let's listen to her story. >> she seems very excited in a very subtle way. is this your way of acting excited? >> yeah, this is my excitement. >> i think it will change when you see her walk out. so i know this is your 60th birthday, and you say give it to me. >> give it to me. i need a new look. >> well, that we can guarantee. all right, she's here with her husband steve. let's take a look at trudy dewy before. trudy dewy. oh, yeah! >> wow! >> okay, steve, you ready? >> yes. >> all right. you may look at your beloved. >> oh, geez. >> do i cook dinner tonight? >> and so much more. >> you want to turn around, sweetie?
2:35 am
>> oh, my goodness! i'm beautiful. >> you look beautiful. >> look at her. >> wow. >> you look fantastic, sweetie. want to look right there. all right, tell us what you did besides that beautiful redhead. >> it's not quite red. it's strawberryish color. what we did, she needed more color. notice, all the highlights she had were washed out. almost looked like gray hair. >> it's the age. >> but you know what, in one half hour, look at her. she's a much younger woman. great haircut. because she doesn't have the thickest texture, made it look thicker. and of course, you know, a little bit of makeup. >> what do you think? >> she's not from napa. >> tell us about the outfit. >> white house black market, robert rodriguez slacks. >> i love it. >> i want to have drinks with trudy tonight. >> trudy dewy. >> come on out.
2:36 am
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are you tired of looking all those little annoyances around the house? >> you know what to do, ask lou. from pest proofing to repairing a storm door. all you need are a few smart tips from "today" contributor and host, house. >> host? >> host of "house smart" louman fredini. he has a name that rhymes with halloweeny. >> i was banking on that one. very nicely done. >> thank you. >> that's a shoutout. >> very nice, zach, yeah. >> here we go. linda from laredo, texas, lives
2:40 am
in an historical home that's over 100 years old. even with a pest control contract, she still has a problem with roaches. >> what should she do, lou? >> for a lot people, especially in warmer climates, professional services are needed. there's so many different manufacturers of products. raid, terro, you name it. whether they're sprinkles, powders you can put in the corners. this particular one is by raid. it's a spray that you can put in the corners and it's electric. it's got an electric sprayer. this is a barrier you can put around areas like nooks and crannies. what i like about it, it doesn't smell like anything. if you have pets, they're not attracted to it at all. >> is it toxic if like a baby -- >> with any of this, you have to follow the instructions. whether it's use of traps, powders, or chemicals that you spray, please read the labels
2:41 am
using them. if you use that in combination, oath ber either by yourself or with a pro, you can help control this problem. >> sara just bought a house built in the late '80s. she found it takes about 2 1/2 gallons of water running before she can get any hot water in the kitchen. >> that's such a waste. >> i have two really good solutions for you. this is the watts pump by a company called grunfold. this is a $200 item. this pump gets mounted on top of your water heater. it gets plugged in. it has a timer. the furthest thing away is this little thing that goes under the sink where your valves are. this pump turps on and it pumps hot water to the furthest one away. when you go to turn the hot water on, bang, it's there. >> 200 bucks. imagine what you'll save. >> this is a brand-new heating called the heatworks model one. this little unit is a water >> what? >> it can mount underneath your sink. this is around $400. this can change the way you heat water in your home.
2:42 am
you can use one of these per bathroom. >> oh. >> so now when you go to repipe a house or do whatever, instead of running the hot water pipes all over the place, you have this in the master. you have this in the powder room. you have this in the spare bathroom. if one goes out, oh, i can't shower in my master. >> go to the other room. >> look at it. this one's empty but it only weighs ten pounds. and it uses the electricity to heat the water. completely safe. brand-new technology. >> all right. >> judy from iowa broke the latch off her screen door. she wants to know how she can replace it without replacing the whole door. >> the door handle that you have there that you're holding, that is completely replaceable. it takes and a phillips screwdriver. the lash that she's speaking of this. two screws you buy at the hardware store. you can buy this latch yourself. latch back on. you don't have to replace the whole screen door. >> okay. that saved a whole bunch right there.
2:43 am
>> i know. >> bristol from brooklyn. she writes, hi, lou. i have an old co-op. until now, i couldn't afford to remodel. i can afford to buy material bus i can't pay the contractor. help me, i would pay for lunch every day, the best southern dinner ever tasted. that's crystal. >> you are. >> are you going? >> i'm hungry. i don't know. see if we can work that out. all right, thank you, lou. for a chance to have lou help you out, go to >> a new twist when natalie merchant sings for us.
2:44 am
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we're about to take you back in time with some beautiful music from the one, the only, natalie merchant. >> it's be 20 years since the singer/songwriter released
2:47 am
with "carnival" and "jealousy." >> natalie has reworked that iconic album and on november 6th, the new tiger lily recordings. here is natalie merchant with "wonder." doctors have come from distant cities just to see me stand over my bed disbelieving what they're seeing they say i must be one of the wonders of god's own creation and as far as they see they can offer no explanation newspapers ask such intimate
2:48 am
they reach into my head to steal the glory of my story they say i must be one of the wonders of god's own creation and as far as they see they can offer no explanation destiny laughed this child will be able
2:49 am
laughed as she came to my mother suffer with love and with patience way she's going to make her way people see me i'm a challenge to your balance i'm over your heads how i confound you and astound you
2:50 am
and as far as they see you can offer me no explanation >> i love that. >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll be back with more. first, this is "today" on nbc. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? r jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. americans. we try to live healthy. but many of us don't know there are nutrients that can help support our metabolism. take new one a day healthy metabolism support multivitamin with chromium to help use carbs from food and b-vitamins to help convert food to fuel.
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in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission.
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it's time for okay, not okay. we were asked about what we thought about people who say they're retiring but really they're not retiring. >> alec baldwin once penned an essay called "good-bye public life." his co-star shia labeouf said he quit. and actress kristen stewart said
2:54 am
she was taking time off. but has since signed on to new projects. >> we were asked is it okay or not okay to have a faux retirement? here's what we think. >> it's often wise, hoda, to wait a while when contemplating a big change. sometimes life has other plans. >> i like that. i say it would probably be more accurate to call it taking a break because we all need some of those every now and then. >> even from me, hodie? >> no, not from you. >> guess what we just heard is coming out of retirement. >> who? >> tell everybody, because i just forgot. phil collins. that's exciting. we love him. don't forget, you can also hear us on sirius xm. >> i forgot too. just told us and we forgot. >> monday and wednesday at 2:00. >> all right, tomorrow, we're going to reveal our big halloween costumes. >> it's going to be hysterical and historical.
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